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5 Tips To Beat Winter Blues

We all start to feel it at this time of year - blah. The holidays are over and the lack of sunlight and never ending cold starts to take its toll. We feel sluggish and more like curling up for a nap than venturing out to have a good time with friends and family.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you smile your way into spring.

1. Take daily walks. Preferable in the morning once the sun comes up. But any walk or outside excursion will help tremendously.

2. Add light to your life. Open up your curtains and blinds. Let that natural light in and also don't be afraid to turn on lights. If your sun sets at 4pm, don't go home and sit in the dark. Flip on the lights and get some dinner on.

3. Don't become a recluse. Get out, keep visiting, arrange some activities with friends or head out to the library.

Get out of your sweatpants and out in public. When you see other people you are forced to say quick hellos and exchange smiles. That stuff goes deeper than skin.

4. Ask your doctor or nutritionist (that's me 😉 ) about Vitamin D supplements. Find out how much is right for you to take by talking to a professional.

5. Take a vacation.


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Peter Sasley
Peter Sasley

Thank you, Shelly. You are a tremendous help. I was just talking with my spouse on that very topic, today

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