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A Nutritionist's Thoughts About Cheat Days

I am a long time practicing nutritional coach. I don't believe in cheat days.

Here's Why:

Cheat days and cheat meals make absolutely no sense.

Why work so hard all week to achieve a caloric deficit, that is essential to reach weight loss goals, and throw it all away for one day or one meal of poor food choices.

Weight loss comes from a total caloric deficit. The amount of caloric deficit you accumulate through proper nutrition and exercise directly correlates to the amount in pounds of weight you will lose. Plain and simple.

Cheat Day Myths:

"You have to remind your body how to eat bad food so it can more easily process the good." This is a load of poo 💩 ! Your body naturally will process real food better and more efficiently than cheat food high in sugars and preservatives. In fact, a lifestyle void of both added sugars and preservatives will process at the highest level of efficiency. Your body with thank you, it doesn't need reminding because it is made to use real food as fuel. You as a person who makes decisions... that's who needs reminding.

Your body knows what it's doing - the question is... Do you?

"It's a reward for hard work." You would never give an ex-smoker a cigarette for a job well done. Sugar is an addiction. You need to break that addiction using the same methods you would for smoking, drinking, drugs, eating disorders, etc. Sorry if you think that is harsh, but someone has to say it.

Sugar is not the only substance that can trigger addictions in food. There are plenty of preservatives and additives that mess with your nervous system and create these "dependencies" on food" This is where the link between Food and Mood really starts to show.

Skip cheat days. It is more effective to have a plan, and stick to it. Find a supportive program for your needs in our store.

Everyone eventually stumbles and makes mistakes, even professionals. The important thing is that you get back up and keep going in the right direction as soon as possible. Hold your head up and get back on track, because you are strong and you can do this.

What I find absurd about cheat days...

Cheat days are essentially you choosing a specific date to plan ahead about making bad choices you know are going set you back. Who thought of this ridiculousness?? and are you truly committed to your health if all you have to look forward to is cheating??

So go ahead and have a slice of pizza at a birthday party or enjoy the delicious food on your vacation, but adjust your daily plan for it. For day-to-day living, choose well and stick to your plan to ensure your success.

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