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Cabbage & Tomato Soup

This warming Cabbage and Tomato soup recipe uses homemade bone broth and simple fresh ingredients to put a meal on your weeknight table in faster than it takes to get take-out.

Serve it with some leftover meat from last night's dinner. Try it with a side salad or a piece of buttered sourdough or sprouted bread for lunch.

This recipe is printable and comes with full nutritional information. Download it for free in my new shop. Enjoy!


Would you like a set-it and forget-it slow cooker bone broth recipe? This is my favorite and it works every time. It will set you on a path to mastering your kitchen and your health.


The UNWRAP YOUR FOOD store now has new product. Digital e-cookbooks and meal plan programs developed by Shelly are available for purchase securely on-line. Get healthy at your own pace.


A special thank you to you for St. Valentine's Day, I will be sending a special chocolate recipe out to all of Unwrap Your Food subscribers on February 7th. This delicious treat was inspired by the simplicity of my healthy coconut macaroons I sent out last Christmas and the chocolate no bake cookies I sent out this year.

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