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Fitness Tracker Procrastination

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Is your fitness tracker holding you back?

I really wonder about this trend in fitness apps. Calorie counters. Fitness trackers. Log your activity. Wear this watch. Share with friends. Run tracker. Ride tracker.

It is wonderful that people are paying closer attention to their health, Suddenly we have another way to procrastinate about doing the right thing and being accountable to ourselves. The apps are fantastic for anyone using them seriously however....

⚠️ BEWARE that you are not allowing it to delay your start, cause excuses, cause self-deception & procrastination or rate your seemed success by social bragging.

I see post after post about how someone would like to start running so "what fit bit or app works best?" WHAT? Since when do you need a watch, phone or app to start running? Last I checked you needed a pair of sneakers and some desire.

As a professional I can tell if someone is going to succeed with weight loss goals or fitness goals. I watch how they start. If they are serious, they start. It doesn't matter their equipment or what day of the week it is. They just do it because it's their goal. They then build their new habits and practice into apps and trackers.

If they are not serious, they throw money at it. They purchase apps and trackers, expensive clothes, memberships, tell all their friends about their purchases, show the results the first time they use them. The End.

That is what kind of society we have built. It is easier to throw money at it and humbly brag about it on social media for the 1 or 2 times you've used it than it is to just do it.

Are you a procrastinator? Are you putting off until next week what you could starting today? Maybe the next series of posts will help. They are how I went from dreaming to goal achieving with a simple little trick I figured out by accident. And anyone I've shared it with though started goal achieving too.


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