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Heart Heath Valentine's Special

For a limited time 2 heart health Programs are just $5!

If you are interested in supporting your body and cardiovascular system, the Heart Health Program is for you.

7 Days of recipes carefully selected through evidence based research and organized in an easy to follow schedule. Take the guess work out of the kitchen with full colour recipes, nutritional information for serving size and daily intake, links to further research and reading, a calendar and an organized shopping list. One easy file to view or print.

If you are interested in managing your weight and supporting your ticker the Mediterranean Program is for you. It offers all the benefits of the Heart Healthy Program but with weight loss in mind. Obesity is linked to cardiovascular problems. Read all the research and benefits of this delicious cuisine with the links provided in the book. 7 days to get you going more confidently in the right direction. Follow your heart. ❤

This sale ends on Valentine's Day 2022. Don't miss out.

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