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How Not To Drink

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

How to succeed at not drinking without being labeled the person who "Doesn't Drink" in a society that is fueled by alcohol.

You know how the evening will go when you introduced as the one who "Doesn't Drink" or "she's drinking water".

If you are curious as to why someone chooses to not drink, I will fill you in... it's none of your business.

I am not someone who doesn't drink ever, but I will chose to not have a drink 9 times out of 10. If you want to know why... read this.

If general health and wellbeing or weight loss is your goal. I recommend cutting alcohol out of your diet.

The media is quick to announce the latest research announcing the benefits of anti-oxidants. The wine growers are quick to tell you how many you can find in a glass of red wine, but let's get real for a moment.

Do you really drink wine for its antioxidant levels?
Do you say at the end of your day, "Boy I really need a glass of dry red Italian antioxidants after work?"

The health benefits, I say that loosely, of alcohol research gets publicity by providing a feel good excuse for your guilt for dealing with problems through alcohol. No one benefits from alcohol except the alcohol industry and the medical community. The first one is for obvious reasons. The Medical Community only makes money if you are sick, and they will do everything they can to keep you that way.

No one drinks alcohol for the health benefits. Honestly, when you do have that glass of antioxidant, do you have only one 3 oz. glass of antioxidants like the control in the studies that proclaim the benefits?

Trust me, there is far more research put into the harmful effects of alcohol, just less money and lobbyists funding the marketing behind it.

Have a glass here and there, maybe on special occasions, once every couple of months, enjoy your all-inclusive holidays; but never regularly, never more than once a week, and never more than one serving size.

The pressure to drink in our society is great. A good portion of social gatherings are organized around it or fueled by it.

It is difficult to be at an event and not carry a drink because everyone is always being a good host and offering to get or buy you a drink. Drawing this sort of attention can take away from the enjoyment of the occasion.

I've picked up a few tricks to get through these events without causing a scene or making things awkward. The night is supposed to be fun, so why ruin that.

My First Tip is to discover carbonated water. If you are carrying around a glass of water people will ask if they can get you a drink, add some bubbles to that water and no one says a thing. It's magic. If there are bubbles, you blend right in. So blend with bubbles. #BlendWithBubbles

My next tip is, do other things. If you are always finding that events revolve around drinking, then find other events. Change your outings, change the times of your outings, and change the people if it comes down to that.

This one is my favorite. If you are visiting someone who you know will offer you a beer upon your arrival, show up with a tray of coffees.

Discover virgin drinks. Waiters and waitresses will work with you and often very secretively if you feel you need it to be that. Mention right from the start that you are not drinking and they will ensure your drinks are brought dry without question. Make sure to thank them, and don't forget the tip.

Be open to finding like-minded people. Not everyone drinks, it's actually quite impressive how many people don't drink or drink only because everyone else does.

As you get healthier, your body will naturally not want alcohol anymore, your mind will be looking for healthier ways to occupy itself and you will naturally surround yourself with like-minded friends that understand where you are in your life. Be patient and persistent.

When you think you feel like a drink at the end of the day, ask yourself if this is the time when you should really have one?

Don't make plans around getting drunk or even ending the day with a drink. Avoid this type of mindset. Some people have that fear of missing out. A night of drinking costs more than the night.

An evening out drinking costs you dearly in time. You realize that the missing out part happens when the next 24 hours after your "fun night out" is a write-off. It is a write off because you have no motivation to move from the couch or the house for the next 24 hours.

Count your savings. A case of bubbly waters cost $5 or $6 dollars, but you get 12 drinks out of it. How many drinks did you get out of that $15 dollar bottle of wine you had to yourself the other night?

Most importantly, don't preach and have fun. Remember you always have the option to just say, "No thanks."

Be strong, be persistent and be proud. No one ever regrets making the decision to not have that drink. BUT Almost everyone regrets having that drink.


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