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Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Kimchi is a spicy Korean twist on sauerkraut.  Just enough salt and spicy to excite the taste buds. The Napa cabbage stays crunchy and the fermentation process gives it a nice zing.  It makes a great living side dish to any meal especially those heavy in meat.

Ingredients: 1 head cleaned and chopped Napa cabbage. 1 bunch of green onions cleaned 1 tablespoon of freshly ground ginger root 3-4 cloves of freshly grated garlic 3/4 teaspoon dried organic chili flakes 2 tablespoon sea salt

Place chopped vegetables, spice and salt in a large bowl.  Let warm to room temperature while stirring occasionally to distribute the spice and salt evenly through out.  Once it is room temperature, pound with a meat cleaver or wooden kraut mallet to help release the juices.  

Wash some wide mouthed jars in hot soapy water.  The Kimchi is ready to pack into jars when you press it down and the liquid is ample enough to rise up and cover the surface.

Pack into jars, and secure lids. Keep at room temperature for at least 3 days before transferring to your refrigerator.

NOTE: You may have to occasionally loosen the lids to release the pressure during the fermentation process.  

Kimchi is ready immediately but gets better with time. It will keep for several months.

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