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Lead In Your Home

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Lead can be found everywhere
Beware of hidden dangers

Lead is found in many consumer goods. It can be found in everything from cosmetics to baby food.

Governing bodies try to regulate safe levels in everything from food to jewelry. Each country has different tolerated amounts, and often within those countries each province or state also has theirs.

My personal ways of avoiding lead are to lessen non-essential purchases of junk. The dollar store trips, the candles, the paint on non-essential décor. Just being a more aware and conscious consumer is a big step.

If you are unsure, ask. Go right to the manufacturer and ask. If in doubt, find an alternate source. I've already talked about my slow cooker in a previous post. This was a big game changer for me. My broth can bubble away for 24 hours filling itself with nutrients and I don't have any worry about the glaze on the pot because it's not glazed.

Terra cotta and natural clay cooking vessels are quickly becoming my favorite. I've always been a big fan of cast iron. You too can make little conscious choices to reduce your exposure to lead at home.


No amount of lead is safe, and it is extremely hard to remove it from the body. It also can causes irreversible damage, to the nervous system.

description of lead poisoning symptoms according to Wikipedia
Symptoms of Lead Poisoning

Symptoms according to Wikipedia can be mild or severe.

Anyone with these symptoms or an Auto-Immune diseases should definitely talk to someone in the holistic health field that can help with heavy metals and their effects on the body.

Check out the top selling lead free Slow Cookers on Amazon. This is a great place to start your research, the consumer reviews are fantastic.

PLUS, find my favorite all natural crock pot. It's nothing fancy like the best sellers, but it affords me peace of mind knowing each batch of broth can bubble for hours without leaching harmful chemicals into my food.



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