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Miso Soup Pick-Me-Up

Miso soup is a great little pick me up.  It warms you up, gives you some energy and feels like you are filling your body with nutrients.  It is also perfect for people like me who tend more for craving salt than sweet.  I like a mild miso soup, so I blend 2 varieties together.  Usually a light and a dark paste.

Start with a teaspoon and a half of each type of miso, or 3 teaspoons of one type.  Place in a bowl or mug.   Pour in about 2 tablespoons of boiling water, with the back of your spoon begin to work the miso paste flat allowing the water to wash over it and help to moisten it. Keep doing this until all the lumps are worked out, and you end up with a paste the consistency of peanut sauce.

Add your boiling water, about 1 cup, and stir in.  Add some green onions, and serve.

If you are trying to quit coffee, this is a great robust hot drink to have in the morning that will act as a good substitute.

Miso is a staple in our fridge.  It is even easy to make at work, just put a couple teaspoons into a plastic bowl with a lid and add hot water. 

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