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No-Bake Chocolate Cookie

This recipe was a big hit this Christmas. Subscribers found it in their inbox in early December 2021. They added it to their Christmas baking and were surprised at how good something can taste when it is so easy to prepare and takes so few ingredients.

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This Christmas Chocolate Cookie was inspired by my high protein Coconut Macaroon recipe in Christmas of 2020 for subscribers. It is a free download in my store to everyone, just follow the link Buy Now link below. It is a free download in the store.

UNWRAP YOUR FOOD Subscribers loved the simplicity, the healthier twist on an old favorite and the simplistic ingredients.

You already have everything you need in your kitchen to make both of these cookies. So skip the bag of overly processed Oreos and take 15 minutes to make yourself a quick treat.

Recipes are printer friendly and include nutritional information. Enjoy!

Visit the UNWRAP YOUR FOOD store and find the meal plan that is perfect for you. Don't know which one that is? Use the chat button in the bottom right-hand corner and let me know what you are looking for help with. I will find you the perfect one that will help you be more successful than ever before in your long-term health goals.


Did you know by eating traditional foods like Bone Broth your body will naturally reach the perfect weight and be able to sustain it without much effort. Long-term success with weight loss takes time but you won't experience fluctuations like with fad weight loss diets. Get started with a no-fail set-it-and-forget-it bone broth recipe for your slow cooker. This is my favorite recipe because it keeps me eating healthy even when life gets crazy busy.


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