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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey

Butterflying a roast turkey cuts cooking time, cooks more evenly and keeps the meat moist because it is low in the pan .

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday of the year. It remains a #holiday that is about gathering, sharing, and giving thanks. No gift giving, just good company, a good #meal, good #food, and great memories.

Brine the Bird

“To brine the turkey in salted and heavily herbed liquid overnights ads depth to the flavor to a meat that is asking for enhancements.”

To butterfly a #turkey, snip with kitchen scissors along the backbone on both sides. Remove the backbone completely. Flip the turkey back over to its front and press with your palms to flatten the breast. Bend the legs up to rest on lower v-portion of the breast, like in the photo above.

Create a Brine

Bring your own flair of #flavor to your turkey #brine. Maybe it's a theme to go with the rest of your dinner or maybe your family has a special blend of #heritage #spices that you can incorporate. Fore every 2 gallons of ice cold liquid you submerge the bird in; 1 cup of sea salt is needed. Bunch fresh bruised herbs or use dried ones. Turkey meat is made to brine, it is a light meat asking to be enhanced with some zing. #Citrus, #soy sauce, #cider vinegar, white #wine, pineapple juice or anything else tasty and acidic. Finding a basin large enough to hold your turkey so it can be fully submerged in the brine overnight is usually the biggest challenge. It's best if you put it in your fridge, or beg space in your neighbors beer fridge in their garage.

When you remove it the next day to prepare, give it a little rince to remove any big stuck on bits, and pat the skin dry.

Roasting to Perfection

Butter is always your turkeys best friend.”

Before you being preparing your bird for the oven let's butter it up. Soften about a 1/2 a cup of butter, chop up some parsley, and juice 2 lemons. Mix this together. Using your hands or the back of a spoon break the skin from the meat of the breast by severing the connective tissue that attaches them. Then spread the butter mixture over top of the breast meat and push the skin back onto it. Your turkey is now ready for your traditional flair. Prepare it how you normally do, how your family has done for years.


Traditions are powerful and comforting. Thanksgiving brings us together with the worry of gifts and feelings of obligatory gift buying. It is a true family holiday, with true family values. Enjoy it, you are blessed!

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