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Feeling Flu-ish?

Feeling flu-ish... remember this. Those symptoms you have; the cough, runny nose, aches & fever, they are not caused by the flu. They are immune system responses to the invading bacteria or virus. (It's okay... take a moment to process...)

In a very simplistic explanation, when an invading toxin is found in your body, your first immune response is a cell mediated immune response. This is when the white blood cells engulf and digest the the toxin (bacteria or fungi for example). Then the waste from this is then eliminated from your body in the symptoms you associate with your cold. Runny nose, coughs, pus from blisters like chicken pox. Suppressing these symptoms makes it harder for you body to eliminate them leaving you often sicker longer. Once this step is complete, your body them moves on to the second stage which is creating an antigen to that toxin. If immunity is what you are looking for, stopping or slowing the first step is likely interfering with that.

Another way to explain this is that if you were to inject a bacteria into a healthy subject and prevent them from mounting an immune response, you would have the bacteria in the body but without the cough, fever, and aches... and you probably would be saying goodbye to your loved ones. (Immuno-compromised)

Next time you think about taking cold and flu medicines to suppress the annoying cough, fever, and aches...remember as annoying as they are, those symptoms are strategic fighting responses designed to kill that invading bacteria or virus and eliminate the waste from your body in order to create an antigen. If you suppress them... you are inhibiting your own immune responses and are more likely to require help from outside sources to fight your cold because... (I am about to repeat myself) you are inhibiting your immune responses... Voluntarily! And you are likely to suffer from more frequent colds and flus because of an undeveloped immune system.

This is the equivalent of sending your elite troops into hostile territory and dosing them with sleeping pills. They won't be very effective and you can't expect their A-game. They may get the job done but it will probably be delayed and they will call for back-up.

So don't be a wimp, suffer just a little - your body is designed for it. Take care of your body and let your body take care of you. Of course if you have a concern, compromised immune system or just can't win this battle; go see your doctor. That's what s/he is for!



p.s. Being a wimp and need some comfort? Try this... Hot herbal tea (Echinacea and Elderberry and Throat Coat from Traditional Medicinals) Hot water with lemon and honey, Real chicken soup and broth (recipe available) made with real broth lots of water Collagen, Orthomolecular therapy with Vitamin C (I can explain if you message me) Hot baths with Epsom salts to Sweat out your fever like grandma used to make you do. :)

Re-READ this... yes, I called you a wimp.😋Twice. Haha. Lots of love! ❤

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