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Let's Unwrap Your Food

Diet, in it's truest sense, is what you take in as food.  The diet industry has manipulated the word for gain and we now associate it with weight loss.  Eating real food for your diet means that you are consuming unprocessed, unrefined food and you will achieve a higher level of health because of this diet.  It is not a diet that is extreme or costly in any way. 


It is simple, it's just food.  It is food the way way we used to eat it before an industry tried to manipulate our insecurities about body image to make money from something we do every single day.  


Lifestyle changes enhance health as well, and fuel a healthy emotional and mental state to deal with any insecurities, addictions, etc. 


Being confident in your basic nutritional knowledge and healthy lifestyle choices, eliminates the panic diet sign-ups.  Unwrap Your Food makes it simple to accommodate everyone; families, allergies, spiritual requirements, high-level athletes, those going through medical treatment, those dealing with disease, and absolutely everyone else. 


Instead of elimination and isolation seen in most fad and modern diets, we will be incorporating and creating a healthy environment and setting a larger table.

Remember, it is just food. 
Don't over complicate it.

All of this is free to you.  I've spent a large part of my career building  and health-washing packaged foods to bring to market.  I know first had what these foods say and can't measure up to. We used word trickery to make them sound healthy legally, and consumers went crazy for super foods, gluten-free, organic, high fiber, etc. 

I never fed them to my family.  I eventually moved on from this, and dove into growing biodynamic produce for a northern market.  As life changes now I am taking my experience and knowledge and offering it up to you so that you can be a more conscientious & confident consumer.  You will get better value for your money and  more nutrients for your calories.  Send in your email so you don't miss anything.

I want you to succeed, I believe you should feel confident in your kitchen. 


Welcome to Unwrap Your Food.

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