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Real Food. Real Life. Real Results.

Swapping Processed Foods for Real Food.

At Unwrap Your Food the diet is real simple food.  There are basic traditional fundamentals eliminating unhealthy processed foods, to eating healthy nutrient dense foods, and to achieving health and wellness along the way.  We are here to help you to understand them, make sense of them and explain why these traditional real foods are far superior in health giving properties than the highly processed foods you find in the store. The more you dive in, the better your results will be and the more confidence you will have in your kitchen and cooking. 


Let's choose to eat real food, nothing refined, and no additives or preservatives.   Chose to give up unhealthy practices.  Prioritize physical and soul-fulfilling activities.  You can do this one step at a time, or you can jump right in.  You know yourself best.  Pick your path for success, be proud you have found the strength to be here today and make your health through real food a priority.  Don't forget to send your email address so you don't miss anything.

What to Eat.

Whole vs. Refined

Whole foods are recognizable foods.  Produce and Meat are good examples.  Whole Foods look much like their original state.  Whole Foods are available to everyone, you just have to know what to choose when you go to the supermarket.  There is a information you will receive when you sign up for Free e-newsletters that will tell you exactly what is approved and what to leave behind.

Refined foods are foods that have been processed and turned into something else, through industrial means.  Refined foods lose their nutritional value during processing, contain additives, food colouring, preservatives.  Refined foods often contain added sugars, hidden ingredients, and can be found in all departments at the grocery store.   

"Even organic food can be refined and unhealthy."

Even Organic foods can be refined.  In fact, most organic foods in boxes or packages fall under the refined category.  Organic doesn't mean healthy in these instances, it just means a slightly better choice non-organic variety, but still not healthy. 


There are healthy organic foods, and you can choose those that are whole foods.  I will highlight these in our videos and chats.  Choosing Organic whole foods is not necessary  but I do believe that if you can choose foods grown with fewer chemicals during the growing stages, the better they are for you.  Whole non-organic foods are better choices than refined-organic foods.   


Whole Foods exist throughout the grocery store.  They are largely, not solely, in the perimeter.  However, you can find heavily refined foods in the perimeter of the store, and whole foods down the isles.  Send your email over so you can updates about great food and where to find it.

The remaining fundamentals are about food and lifestyle. 

80:20 Rule

Eighty percent of your meal is plants with most of that being vegetables, with some fruit and/or very small amounts of grains.  About 20% is animal products.   If you don't think this sounds appetizing, have a look at my Instagram album here.  Everything is fast and easy to make.  The closer you stick to this 80:20 rule, the greater your chance for success.

Lunch with a Nutritionist. 🙋‍♀️_Mixed B


Dairy is a great source of protein. In its fermented state like cheeses, yogurt, and kefir; and only if they have the right ingredient deck.  You can find out what to look for in Dairy products by staying updated on our latest updates which will recommend products, recipes, and show you which to avoid.  Send us your email so you don't miss a thing.

Blue Cheese

Oil and Fat

No Trans-fats.  Trans-Fats are eliminated by switching to whole foods, it's that simple.  No Vegetable oils except cold pressed unrefined olive oil and flax oil.  Butter is good, and best if it comes from organic and grass fed cows.  Margarine, even if it is made of olive oil and says non-hydrogenated should never be consumed. We use oil in very small amounts.  You will learn to cook and sauté using traditional fats which will make everything taste better and more easily digested.

4 cup Red Wine Vine. _#recipe #nutrition


Yeast is added to commercial products to speed up processes that happen naturally during the fermentation process.  By learning to select the proper products, and grains, yeast just eliminates itself from the list. Instead we will be using natural yeasts collected right from the environment you live in, which will bring you delicious baked goods and a much healthier microbiome.  This leads to better health.

Rustic Loaf


With the exception of prescription medication, there is no need for this in your life.  Street or legally purchased recreational drugs have no place in a healthy life.  Using the same analysis as in the above "Alcohol Fundamental", there is no health advantage to having this in your life.  You will find ways of offering your body healthy support with traditional lifestyle methods and foods. Once you are on a road to health, you will feel better mentally.   When you look back; no drugs, no alcohol and no sugar will seem so insignificant to you.

Girl Relaxing


Cigarettes or marijuana. Cigarettes are unhealthy and smoking will likely kill you, This is scientifically proven.  Like it or not, all smoke is a carcinogen and does do harm to you regardless of the source.  Also falling into this category, No inhaling drugs, Vaping, no chewing tobacco, no cigars, no in-home air fresheners.   It is a great idea to only inhale air, the fresher the better.  Spend time each day outside and open your windows in your home when you can.   Our homes can have incredibly polluted air, and need ventilation regularly.



Your body was made to move.  You are meant to be strong, lean, and agile. You were not meant to be winded, jiggly, and tired.  Your choices reflect in your body.  Just like smoking, it is scientifically proven that obesity will lead to diseases that will kill you.  You must increase your heart rate, move, lift, bend, sweat, smile along with eat well.    Just start. You don't need expensive gadgets and apps.  You just need to start and not procrastinate. Find something you like and do it, and then find something else and do that.  Make time for this important piece and invite others to join you.

Man Doing Pushup

You Got This!

We are only human and this is just a guideline. The closer you follow it the more likely you are to see the benefits.  Special occasions, family gatherings, and life happens - we understand that, it happens to us too.  Life is good and meant to be enjoyed, so let it happen. This is a No Judgement Site, it meant as a safe community to learn and experiment with food and your kitchen.   If you struggle,  be sure to hold your head high, congratulate yourself, and thank God for the strength to try again.  You are always welcome here and to email us for help and advice.

Notebook and Pen


Avoid Sugar.  Of all the conflicting diet plans out in the world right now we can all, at the very least, agree on one thing; No Sugar.  No white sugar, brown sugar, icing sugar, agave nectar, etc.  No or very limited honey, maple syrup, cane sugar, etc. Of course there is the exception of a few desserts and dishes for special occasions.  Sugar is an addiction you will need to break if you are serious about your health. Traditional foods satisfy your cravings with a nutrient dense profile and healthy fats.  

Gluten-free brownies. Any takers_ _#food

Shellfish & Pork

This is a biblical philosophy with some truth to it.  In many studies, pork shows the coagulation of blood cells almost immediately after eating it unless is pre-treated in an acidic brine.  We advise avoiding it, you chose your path.  If you choose to include pork, you must choose your pork product following the meat guidelines we talk about and follow proper preparation techniques.  If you choose to include pork because of Bacon, remember bacon (most bacon) refined food high in carcinogenic additives.  Shellfish is another biblical philosophy.   It is your choice.

💥This lunch is easily under 300 #calori


We are not Keto or Paleo, although a lot of what we talk about is friendly to both those movements.  We eat a limited amount of properly prepared grains, and only if your body can tolerate them.  The approved processes for grains are soaked, sprouted, soured and fermented.   If you go Grain-free, that's okay too but only necessary if you are treating ailments.  You can aim to include properly prepared grains into your diet again once you are healed.

Quick Lunch idea.  Steam what ever veg y


If you use alcohol to relax, relaxing without it, is a healthy habit you will need to develop. If you find yourself saying I could really use a drink, then you need to ask yourself if that is the time you should truly be having one.  Alcohol is not good for your body, and it is not okay to be consumed regularly.  There are simple recipes for small beer and wine that are unpasteurized and offer the great benefits of probiotics, electrolytes, and nourishment. These are still to be consumed on occasion and not regularly.     

Pretty Virgin Cocktail



*A note on prescription medication:  Many people have found that by improving their level of health that their prescriptions dwindle.  Not all prescriptions can be removed or scaled back (ie: anti-rejection, insulin for type 1 diabetics, etc).  Many prescriptions for diet related symptoms & diseases, may need to be monitored and  adjusted if you change your diet and lifestyle.  It is important that you talk to your doctor and let him/her know you are improving your diet and lifestyle.  They will be more than happy to help you manage these changes at a prescription level.  It is not recommended that you manage your prescriptions on your own or with any other health care practitioner except your doctor.

Doctor with Files


If something is a priority you will make time to do it.  Think about this often when you are going throughout your day.  You may find that your priorities are in the wrong places, and you can free up quite a bit of time.  You choose your priorities, you determine your success.  

Friends Eating Dinner

Faith Heals

Your peace can be whatever you need it to be.  Some people pray, others meditate.  We are all looking Peace, Joy, Love, Happiness, Forgiveness, Strength.  Find it - you must, and hold on to it; cultivate it, and dive deep into it.  Healing will never fully happen until you find your peace.  I found it, and lost it, and found it again in different ways over the years.  It was always there, I was just too busy looking in the wrong places.  

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