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Ear Candling, It's been done for years and generations. It's a traditional healing art that's passed down through generations.

Some say it's dangerous... I say more people are injured by q-tips than ear candles.

I use ear candles for achy ears. Sensitive ears from the wind or cold that give that achy blocked feeling.

It seems to warm them and feels lovely. Like a good massage.

Does it remove wax?

No. I don't think so but I can't say for sure.

I have found some odd things like bugs and beetles in the wax that's in the cone after the session. Maybe they are just climbing the cone to escape the fire? But what were they doing in there in the first place?

I take bookings on my site. Pick a time that works for you and relax for about an hour while we candle your ears and drink some herbal tea.

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